The Cat Holiday and Its Creation


by Ruthie, age 8
Düsseldorf, Germany

“They did it!”

“What did they do, Mommy?”

“They made a new holiday! I must tell my friends! They talked of new holidays, but I never thought they would do it! I wonder…What is the new holiday?”

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. The mother, Alexandra, went to get it. She rushed back a moment later, her son Tommy staring up at her with wide eyes.

“CAT DAY!” She gasped. “The new holiday is Cat Day, invented by Katie Smith, the little girl right across the street, oh how could a tiny toddler invent a huge holiday!”

Tommy’s mind was spinning with this new information and being two years old, it was information he could hardly understand.

“Come, Tommy, we must celebrate Cat Day, if possible. If you own a cat and get the chance, you have no choice. Get the cat treats, and put at least five mixed with cat food in the food bowl. You must do that.”

“Yes, Mama!” Tommy chirped.

“And play with the cat as well!” His mother called after him. Tommy played with the cats for half an hour, and his mother handed him a neatly typed checklist. It read:

Feed the Cats (Done)
Play with the Cats (Done)
Take the Cats EVERYWHERE!
Sing Cat Songs
Do Whatever You Can With the Cats
Learn About Cats
Read With the Cats

After doing all of these, Tommy flopped onto his bed, exhausted. He drifted asleep, and visions of a day for snakes danced merrily in his head…

kaw summer camp day 4Ruthie was inspired to write this story using the “Invent a Holiday” writing prompt. Click here to view the prompt.

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5 thoughts on “The Cat Holiday and Its Creation

  1. Ruthie, you are quite the writer for 8 years old! Nicely done. You had a great use of dialogue throughout and I had to smile when Tommy dreamed of a snake day. Keep writing! I look forward to reading more of your work. (PS. My cat thinks every day is Cat Day.)

  2. Ruthie, my family has two cats. I’m sure they’d both love their own holiday. Really fun idea! I wonder what will happen on snake day…