The Horse, the Dog, and the Snake

horse and dog and snakeTHE HORSE, THE DOG, AND THE SNAKE
by Hosanna, age 13
Fresno, California, USA

There was once a horse named Shasta. She was a tall horse with a blaze down her nose. She lived in a small pasture by herself.

One day she was eating grass when she came upon a large rattlesnake. Shasta stopped and stared. The rattlesnake was about to strike. It was just raising its head to strike when a little Bassett Hound named Lillie ran up.

The horse thought that the dog might make the situation worse and asked her to go away. Lillie told Shasta that she could help her. Shasta refused to believe her.

“You?”, she said. “You are nothing but a Bassett Hound!” “How could you help me?” Shasta began to back away.

“Watch me!”, “I can do it”, said Lillie. Shasta watched as Lillie stepped on the rattlesnake’s neck. Then Lillie bit it and killed it.

Shasta could hardly believe it. Shasta thanked Lillie and then the two headed back home.

The next day Lillie visited Shasta. They decided to become friends. They began to visit each other. They visited each other at their homes for many years!

kaw summer camp3Hosanna was inspired to write this story from the “Unexpected Friends” writing prompt. Click here to view the prompt.

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3 thoughts on “The Horse, the Dog, and the Snake

  1. Hosanna, are you a fan of horses? I sensed something in your writing that showed a geniune love for this beautiful creature. I love it when the little guy wins, and your story really lets them both win with friendship. Great effort!

  2. Hi Mrs. Brown,
    Yes, I think that I am a very big fan of horses! I did not know that it was so obvious in the story! :) I have never really ridden one by myself but my Mom used to jump on them!