The Infomercial

the Infomercial

In 1975, advertising executive, Gary Dahl invented the “pet rock” after hearing his friends complain about their real pets. Gary sold 1.5 million pet rocks for $4.00 each, making him a millionaire in only 6 months.


Today, you are going to write an infomercial script for a new and improved, updated and contemporary pet rock.

An infomercial is a television show that promotes the sale of an object. The show typically features an actor or actress who poses as an expert. The actor’s job is to convince the audience that they NEED to purchase the object for sale. Your infomercial script will outline the exact words the actor will say to persuade their audience to purchase the pet rock.

Your manuscript should include:aps42

  • a description of the pet rock
  • a list of what is included
  • price
  • who should own a pet rock
  • benefits of owning a pet rock
  • care and keeping of the pet rock
  • financial value of buying a pet rock
  • how your pet rock is different than the original
  • anything else that will persuade your audience that why they MUST buy one


In the comment section below, share your first name, age, state, and country. Share one line about why we must buy your rock.

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