The Kitten and the Elephant Calf

kitten and elephant calfTHE KITTEN AND THE ELEPHANT CALF
by Timothy, age 10
Colorado, USA

Once upon a time, far, far away, (The Amazon Rainforest) lived a Clan of Kitties and a Herd of Elephants. They were enemies and fought every time a kitty or an elephant crossed the border.

One day, a curious elephant calf and a curious kitten were born. Later, when the kitten and calf were older (about a month old) on the same day, they decided they would explore the HUGE rainforest. The kitten was so curious to see what else was in the rainforest that she ran as fast as her little legs would go. She went so fast she didn’t even notice that she passed the clan territory until she bonked heads with an elephant calf.

When they saw each other they got scared and started kicking each other until they got tired. The elephant fell asleep and woke up to the kitty puurrrring next to him. That’s when they became friends.

After that, they made it a secret and went back to their territory. They visited each other every day and when they grew up, they convinced their families to be friends. The herd of elephants and the clan of kitties became friends and there never was a scratch mark on an elephant or a flat kitty again.

The End

kaw summer camp3Timothy was inspired to write this short story using the “Unexpected Friends” writing prompt. Click here to view the prompt.

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2 thoughts on “The Kitten and the Elephant Calf

  1. Hi Timothy, I really enjoyed your story! I liked the way that you made the rain forest seem huge to the kitten. It helps to give you an idea on how small the kitten actually was! Good job!

  2. I was really absorbed in your kitten character’s curiousity and how it carried her into an unknown situation! Understanding a character helps the reader stay engaged and keep us interested in the story. I love the way you evoked that feeling. Great work!