The Owl and the Fox

owl and foxTHE OWL AND THE FOX
by Chloe, age 9
Massachusetts, USA

One day a family of foxes moved in next door.
“Yay! Now I have another chance to make a friend,” she said to herself. “But how?”

The next night she came up with a plan. She flew outside, caught a mouse and brought it to the fox’s burrow.
Ding Dong!!!!!!!! went the bell. “I’ll get it,” said the young fox to his parents.

When he opened the door he saw a gruesome sight. An owl holding a mouse in its mouth. “Eww!!!!!! A dead mouse! Disgusting!” cried the fox. And he slammed the door in her face.

The owl went home feeling discouraged. “How can I get him want to be my friend?” she thought. “Maybe I should just ask him.”

So when she woke up the next night she went back over to his house and waited until he opened the door. “Do you want to be friends?” she asked bravely.
“Sure,” he replied. “So what do you want to do?”

kaw summer camp3Chloe was inspired to write this short story using the “Unexpected Friends” writing prompt. Click here to view the prompt.

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3 thoughts on “The Owl and the Fox

  1. Chloe- This is such a sweet story because it teaches perseverance when trying to make friends. I wonder what they did on their first outing… Perhaps you should write more and include it in a comment below!