The Shark and the Tuna Fish

shark and tuna fishTHE SHARK AND THE TUNA FISH
by Alia, age 8 1/2
Massachusetts, USA

It was time for school, but Mr. and Mrs. Tuna were still not awake. It was already 7:30 and school started in 15 minutes.

Finally, Tuney Tuna shook Mr. Tuna awake. “Dad. Dad!” he whisper/yelled. “What do you want?” his Dad muttered, still half asleep. “School Dad. It’s the first day and I don’t want to be late.”

That seemed to jolt his Dad awake. ( He was always bugging Tuney about good grades.) He flopped out of bed and grabbed the first thing he saw that was available to wear, his pajamas. He swam out of the room, then turned back, looking at what he was wearing and said “I can’t go to school in pajamas!”

“You’re not going to school Dad!” Tuney exclaimed “ I am!” Mr. Tuna blushed and said “Oh yeah.”

Tuney swam out of the house before yelling, “Bye Dad!” So as not to wake his Mom. “Be careful” Mr. Tuna called after him, but Tuney was already on his way so he did not hear. Mr. Tuna just sighed and swam inside.

Tuney suddenly noticed a big figure coming straight toward him and he became alert to the fact that it might be dangerous. He was a foolish Tuna so he kept going and soon it was right in front of him.

“Um, hi?” he squeaked, realizing he was scared.

“Hello.” It said in a very deep voice. Long silence……..

“Who are you?” Tuney finally managed.

“I am Sharkey the shark and I eat fish, but I think you are a special fish. You are scared, yes, but you do not swim away like most fish, so I think you might be my first ever friend.Is that okay?”

“Yes, as long as you promise not to eat me. Deal?” Tuney said.

Sharkey said, “Deal.” And so they became friends and if you were wondering , Tuney made it to school on time.

kaw summer camp3Alia was inspired to write this short story using the “Unexpected Friends” writing prompt. Click here to view the prompt.

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4 thoughts on “The Shark and the Tuna Fish

  1. Hi Alia, I really enjoyed reading your story! I thought it was neat the way you made it sound like the shark was going to eat him and then made them become friends! Also, I thought his name was cute! Good job!