The Summer That Changed My Life

boy reading


by Emily, age 13

Jonathan was bored. Not just ”Ugh, I’m so bored” bored, more like “School’s been out for three weeks, all my friends are busy, and I’m so bored I was driven to READ, of all things” bored. He had attempted everything from juggling to balancing 12 pennies on his head at once. But those only relieved his boredom for so long, until the weight of his boredom crashed down upon him once again and he was left with only himself for company.

One day, he decided that he would go exploring. However, he didn’t know where to explore because he wasn’t allowed to leave the house when his parents weren’t home. He wandered around the house for a bit when he came to a stop under a panel on the ceiling of the second floor hallway. Of course! The attic. He would spend the day exploring the attic.

With that, he unhooked the latch and a staircase came tumbling down. He climbed up into the vast darkness that his flashlight only penetrated for about 4 feet, unsuspecting of the fact that what he would find up there, would change his life forever…

ss5Emily was inspired to write this story from the “Character Study” writing prompt. Click here to view the prompt.

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