Top 5 Ways That Reading Improves our Writing

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By Kirsti Call-

I’ve always believed in the magical power of books.  Books changes lives.  They change how we see things and how we write. When I discovered the word, bibliotherapy, I was thrilled! There’s a word for what I’ve always known to be true. Books transform people’s lives for the better.

5. Reading makes us understand other people. Reading about discrimination in Calling me Home, helped me understand it better. Now I can write about it.

4. Reading makes us smarter.   Till We Have Faces, taught me to worry less about my outward appearance, and more about what who I am inside.  The Scarlet Letter taught me to avoid mistakes that I knew I’d regret.  This makes me a better writer.

3. Reading helps us remember.  When I read Out of my Mind,  I was so moved that I immediately bought a copy and told everyone I knew that they should not only read it, but own it.  (Seriously, if you haven’t read the book yet, get it now.) Out of my Mind reminds me of times that I was bullied, times I watched others get bullied, and the few times my shy teenage self actually took a stand for somebody else.  Remembering makes me write better.

2. Reading motivates us to change. When I was a kid, every year my dad read us A Stranger for Christmas, and every year I’d recommit to thinking more about others than myself.  When I pay attention to why I’m changing, I can more easily write a story about someone who changes.

1. Reading makes us better writers.  The more we read, the easier it is to put words on the page.

Writing Exercise:  Now take a moment to think about how reading books has changed your life.  How can you use the power of words to transform other people’s lives?  There are no wrong answers. Just write…  

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Kirsti Call is a writer, a reader, an author, a therapist, a mother of five! Her first book, the Raindrop Who Couldn’t Fall came out in December. Learn more about Kirsti HERE and at

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