By John Brush-

What if you could hire someone to do your least favorite chore?  What if all you had to do was write the perfect advertisement? Could you write creatively enough to make someone want that job?

To start, think of the chore you like doing the least. Think about what specifically makes it so bad. Now, write down each of those reasons. Remember to write with specific details. Here’s an example:


Cleaning the Refrigerator

  • Finding expired or moldy food
  • My hands get cold
  • The food is hard to get off the shelves
  • The food might smell bad

Now, I have my list, but there is a problem. We need to make the description sound inviting. Here is where the fun starts. Try to rewrite your details to make them suitable for an advertisement. I’ve written a few examples below:

Original: Finding expired or moldy food
New: Do you like adventure?

Original: My hands get cold
New: Stay cool in the summer heat.  

Original: The food might smell bad
New: A nose for exotic cuisine.

Now, we can put these lines together and add or change text to create our classified ad. Here’s the finished product:

Do you like adventure? Looking to add a little spice to your life? We’re seeking qualified candidates with an eye for freshness and a nose for exotic cuisine. Our controlled climate keeps you cool in the summer and even cooler in the winter. Add a muscle toning workout on the job, and you can kiss that gym membership goodbye. Contact John at 555-555-FOOD for more information. This opportunity won’t last forever!

I’d love to see your creative classified. Feel free to post it in the comments section below.  Remember: Do NOT use  your real name or phone number. Mock phone numbers should be 555-555-(4 capital letters that reflect your ad). 

John Brush

John Brush is a writing professor at Long Island University and a recipient of the Philbrick Poetry Award. You can learn more about John HERE. Follow him on Twitter @johndbrush.

IMPORTANT: Students, NEVER reveal personal information while commenting. NO last names or contact information. I will delete any comments that contain personal information or comments that are inappropriate or off-topic.

8 thoughts on “Writing Challenge: CREATIVE CLASSIFIED

  1. This sounds really fun! And, I’m planning on writing a mock-newspaper, so this should be great! 😀
    Here’s my go for an ad to take out the trash and recyclables: 😉

    Do you like spending time out-doors and taking walks to the end of your driveway? Do you like classifying things? Are you good at deciphering hidden messages? Well, do we have a job for you! Your job will send you to the great outdoors. Just imagine the fresh air and exercise! Challenge your mind to figure out which code fits into the correct place! For interested persons, call Potato Pete Johnson at 555-555-RECY
    This is a limited position, so call in quick!


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